BITV Top Level Program


This Program we have made for a financial adviser who wants to enhance his/her business through visibility and prospects and to increase ability to talk in front of camera.


  • To Make 1 video in a month for Weekly Show
  • Attending 2 session of 2 hour in a month  to work on monthly  video
  • Working for “BITV National talent competition” – online , once in a year for getting prospects


  • Learn & become a professional speaker on Media
  • The only extraordinary source to take your business on Top level
  • We will get you the art of talking in front of camera
  • We will release your one show in a month  and make it viral to enhance your visibility
  • We will edit your video with proper visualization
  • We will do 1 national show at the end of the year with the team

Activities in detail

  • Every month You will be given a project to make video of 10 minute in which you have to talk on one particular topic , for this you will have to do lot of preparation. And BITV will help you in that ,
  • Your video will be part of a Show , and BITV will do advertisement of this show in the whole country.
  • Bitv will also make a promotional video individual for you.
  • Bitv will help you to select topic , to work on content and to work on your delivery and for this bitv will arrange minimum 2 meetings in a month

Benefit of taking part

  • This program will make you good speaker
  • Will give you ability to face camera
  • Will enhance your confidence
  • Will make you famous
  • This program will make your business very easy
  • Will increase your credibility in market
  • Will give you opportunity to be part of BITV National Show


  • It is a one-year course
  • Every month you will be given a project of a show
  • And 2 times in a month for 2 hour you will have to attend meeting to discuss on your project.

Who can participate?

  • Any fresh or experience financial adviser can join this course
  • Only 40 participants can join from the country
  • There will be 4 zones, east , west north and south
  • 10 participants from each zone can be part of this program


Rs. 4150 per month *12

Why one should join BITV top level program

  • For growing business very fast
  • For fast visibility in the city /state / country world
  • To get prospect easily
  • To make business easy
  • To become famous
  • To become camera friendly

What you get?

  • 1 promotional video every month total 12
  • 1 show video every month total 12
  • 1 individual video in a month total 12
  • 2 session in a month total 24 session
  • 1 promotional video for national talent competition
  • And 20 video of participants for national talent competition
  • Opportunity to be speaker in “BITV National Show”

Don't miss BITV Top Level Program

Board Members:
Ranjit Singh, Murli Mehta , Lazarus Dias

Board of Advisory:
Ramesh Damani , Rk Shetty , Ajay Arora


Email –
Contact – 7738021123
Address – 602, Seawoods Heritage, Sector 4, Kharghar , Navi Mumbai – 410210

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